Friday, April 4, 2014

How To Use Salt To Kill Weeds

Sometimes we gardeners are sure that the weeds are going to get the better of us. They test our patience to the very core, sneaking up where they don’t belong and creeping in where they are hard to pull.

While there are many different chemical sprays to combat weeds, some of these can be quite dangerous and costly. For this reason, some of us may consider using salt to kill weeds. Let’s learn more about killing weeds with salt.  Read the entire article.

But here's a few other ideas:

Gardening With Vinegar
Using Sugar to Kill Weeds in Lawn
Using Cornmeal to Kill Weeds and Ants

Editor's Note: I have used table salt purchases in 25 lb. bags for areas where we don't want things to grow (under the gravel in the driveway mainly), and it works! If there's not nearby vegetation to creep in, it's lasted for three years. Down by the street in the easement area, the weeds are quicker to grow into the graveled driveway, so it only lasts a year there.

We have also used vinegar in a garden sprayer which was much quicker than sprinkling salt and then adding water to it.  You could enjoy a nice time in the rain if you put the salt down while the rain could water it in, but my husband likes the idea of putting it in a "tool" and spraying.  He adds a few drops of Sunshine Concentrate since soap was recommended in one recipe to help the vinegar stick to the plants and roots until it dies off in a few days.

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