Friday, April 11, 2014

Simple Nest Boxes for Cavity-Nesting Bees

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Mason Bee Nesting Box
We put up a Mason Bee Nesting Box in 2006 and have so enjoyed knowing we're producing pollinators for our garden.  Pollinators are really challenged these days with all the pesticides and herbicides being used.  It feels good to add a positive side to the bad news.

There's a great article on the bees emerging from a similar nest box.  You can see their cute little faces and learn more about how they nest.

To get a better view of our nest box with the mud-sealed nests, view the enlarged image.

You can make these nesting boxes out of untreated wood or you can also buy them, but there's another method that can be used to provide a bee nesting spot to your garden.  They will nest in the stems of your garden plants, so you can gather up a bunch of them and make a different Mason Bee Box with illustrations in this article.

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