Friday, August 22, 2014

Can We Control Emotions and Feelings?

by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Every thought is a memory, with both information and emotion embedded into it. When a thought moves from the nonconscious to the conscious mind and we become aware of it, we feel these emotions. It is in this state of feeling the emotions that we have to reach out to God and ask Him to guide the choices we will make based on the perceptions these feelings generate.

If we don’t let God control, we will draw on our weak human wisdom and make a bad decision. Emotions are wonderful - when driven by the Savior; but can be torturous when driven by carnal wisdom.

Watch this video episode to see how to let God control your emotions and feelings.

It's Not About Who You Are ... It Is Who You Have Become

Each time we think and choose, we build a new thought into our brain, which literally changes the internal landscape of our brain. This contributes to how we perceive life and how we make the next set of choices.

We can easily fall into a negative cycle if we don’t stop, stand back and reconnect with God asking Him to show us who we really are: an incredible human being made in His image.

Each bad decision changes who you are at the core, but it’s not who you really are - it’s who you have become. It’s not your destiny and every bad decision can be changed. if you have wired it in, with God’s help you can wire it out!

Watch this video episode to see how to overcome the past and wire out those bad decisions!

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