Friday, August 22, 2014

Slugs - Give Them a Chance to Steal Your Heart

Photo by Donna L. Watkins
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Great Gardenslug aka Leopard Slug
Kemper Park, Charlottesville, VA

by Christy Peterson

“Slug” is a word that garners an instant response, from a general “yuck” to downright vitriol. Slugs have few champions and many victims.

The slugs that ravage most gardens and greenhouses are nonnative species, in my case, the great gray garden slug and the European black slugs.

In their native habitats (and in my backyard too) slugs are important cogs in the food web. They break down decaying plant material, help disperse seeds and spores, and rid the world of poop (another favorite slug food).  Read the entire article.

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