Saturday, March 7, 2015

Plant Alternatives for Steep Banks

Native Plant Alternatives for Steep Banks
Karyl Seppala,

Photo Credit:  Donna L. Watkins  
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If you have a steep bank look beyond juniper. It isn’t the only answer. There are attractive, low maintenance plants which will help with erosion problems and also help you share your space with wildlife. 

A steep bank is always a landscape design challenge. You want something which can cover the bank, stop the weeds, control erosion, be drought tolerant so you’ll never have to water it, does not require pruning, care, fertilizer, or basically anything which means ever having to deal with that bank again.

Native shrubs offer a variety of wildlife friendly, tough plants for steep banks which will do the job beautifully. You can plant them and once they are established they will require very little care from you. Prune them if you want, or don’t. The plant will not care.  Read the entire article.

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