Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sugar-Free Products Damaging Your Teeth?

Sugar-Free Products Could Be Damaging Your Pearly Whites
From Medical Advisory Board - Aisle 7

New research suggests that sugar-free drinks and candies may damage teeth as much as their sugary counterparts. The flavorings in sugar-free products often contain high-acid ingredients, such as phosphoric acid and citric acid, which can erode the outer protective layer (the enamel) of the tooth.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne published the findings in a new report from the Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre. In their experiments, they exposed donated human molars to 23 different drinks including sugary and sugar-free sodas, sports drinks, and milk drinks, as well as water for comparison.

Following exposure to the beverages, the teeth were analyzed for several markers of tooth damage, such as changes in calcium levels and enamel loss. In addition, the researchers tested 32 sugar-free candies, including lollipops, mints, and lozenges, to understand their potential to cause dental erosion. Here is what the researchers found.

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