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PRAYER REQUEST - The Nature In Us Newsletter - 3/15/16

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The Nature In Us Newsletter
March 15, 2016
By Donna L. Watkins

"Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you, not because they are nice but because you are."

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Hello Dear Friends!

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Donna at Alberene Soapstone Quarry
May 5, 2012
This isn't the newsletter you usually receive.  It's the first I've missed since I began doing the newsletter issue of The Nature In Us back in February of 2010.  Although the screened porch is right off the bedroom with "only" 10 steps to be on the chaise, all I can do now is listen from inside.  So I'm not seeing what's going on in our little paradise.

I will mention at this time that there are other posts in queue to go out this month, so you will see some things come across that I did possibly months ago, never being able to count on having a good day.  

I would like to request prayer.  I know there are some faith-filled prayer warriors out there because when I did this after the initial diagnosis 4 years ago, I made a comeback and there wasn't anything I was doing different. I didn't even take the drugs which I am doing now.

I tried to put in as many details as possible since some people want details and other want an overview.  You can choose which way you want to go.

We will not be able to keep up with individual emails, so there is a Caring Bridge website that has been set up for you to access and get updates from.  Here's the address:

It's been quite a challenge for the past couple of years and especially since I had very little breathing capacity since September last year.  I am good at rolling with the punches, but after awhile you're just simply beat from lack of sleep and food.  Please pray that I can get some food down since my appetite is horrible and I'm too tired to even want to eat.

On March 8th I went into the hospital, something I should've done back in September.  Since both of my parents died in the hospital in 5 months of each other when both of them were to have only a few days of treatment but never did come out. I guess it really set up a phobic response within me.  Not that I mind dying, but the process of it while I am there. Any medical equipment, hospital beds, wheel chairs, and all those many diagnostic gadgets.

My mom went in for foot treatment for 3 days.  They took away her herbs she was using for diabetes and put her on the drug, didn't track what she was eating so she went into a diabetic coma and never came out.  My dad went in for a week of radiation.  We had just come back from a trip together, spry and light-hearted.  At the end of the time they told me he was released tomorrow and an hour later he was dead.

Randal, My Husband
It is what it is.  I'm too weak to walk anywhere and all I want to do is sleep, which is nice, but my breathing is greatly challenged already.  They discovered a lot of fluid in my right lung and some in the other also, but could only take off 1.5 litres off the right lung or it would imbalance the lungs or something.  I could breathe again and slept through the night for the first time in years.  The next day I went back on the oxygen at the 2.0 level and was spitting up blood and am already up to the 4.0 level.  The machine only goes to 5, so that makes me really nervous. 

I had a high temperature.  Took care of high temperature with herbs.  I still have at least 10 pounds of fluid to move off which means I actually weigh about 98 pounds.  My normal is 125 throughout adulthood.  Please pray that the rest of the fluid in the lungs will move out and also from the abdomen and thighs and I'm able to begin building back some actual real weight. 

My husband has been awesome, wonderful and amazing through all of this.  Keeping his heart light. When I do the intercom on the phone, he says, "Housekeeping!"  He smiles and fills many requests all day long for years now besides having the housework and his job running our businesses.  He hasn't complained or showed he's bothered at all.  I know he's carrying a heavy load.  We have no family here and haven't really allowed friends to visit since it is so taxing on me.  After a couple hours of a visit I would have to sleep the rest of the day.  Now I'm sleeping anyway.  Please pray for him to have strength and courage as we go through this ordeal

Ben, Our Son
Our only child is Benjamin and he lives in Oklahoma City, a long way from Virginia.  I know this is very taxing on him.  He's one of those hi-strung folks like I used to be.  He remains positive at all times but I know he's very concerned.  He had his grandmother die, his aunt, and a couple of his close friends in accidents in the last year, so death has robbed him of so much in such a short time.

We have been planning to meet down south to visit a place called Brookgreen Gardens in Murrell's Inlet, SC.  I was there years ago and it's the most magnificent gardens I've ever seen.  There are 300 acres and over 1400 pieces of sculpture scattered throughout and they also maintain a wildlife preservation area.  It was a dream fulfilled and I wanted to share that with Ben because he loves sculpture and photography and you can click away there forever.  My husband and I spent 6 hours there.

Please pray for peace in his heart during this time and that he will allow the Lord to be his everything.

Hospice came out and explained everything and it's awesome what they will be doing and that all of it is covered under Medicare A.  They will come bathe me, wash my hair, straighten up room, change sheets. Just an amazing array of helpful things. It's like having angels at your service ... and some of them may well be angels.  I will have to go back to the hospital to get a drain put in that lung and then the Hospice nurse can drain it daily if need be and I'll be breathing better.  Getting excited about that already. The hospital deal will be by appointment and I'll be taken directly there and when it's done go directly home.  Until then they're having Randal pick up a "comfort pack" with morphine and atavan, being instructed to use the morphine tonight so I can get some sleep.  It makes it feel like there's more breathing room even though it changes nothing in the lungs.  Please pray for quick hospital appointment without any issues during procedure.

I will close now since this task is the biggest I've handled since I got home.  It's taken me a couple of days to do it, but I feel it's my real chance at healing.  Ready to lie back and try to sleep.  Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers and faith for healing.


P.S. See anything in here that might help somebody you know?  Please share! 

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1 comment:

Sandra Dunn said...

I speak LIFE over your requests. The peace of Jesus over everything and all.
I live close to OKC - and pray blessings for your son, Ben.

I hope you have been and continue to get healing rest for your mind and body.
Your spirit man will sustain you in sickness.

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