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The Nature In Us Newsletter - 4/1/16

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The Nature In Us Newsletter
April 1, 2016
By Donna L. Watkins

"Let us remember that within us there is a place of immense magnificence." -- Teresa of Avila


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Hello Dear Friends!

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Donna - March 25, 2011
Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, SC

As with the March 15th issue, this is not a typical newsletter.  In the March 15th issue I requested prayer since I entered the Hospice program the day before.

The response has been amazing and the Caring Bridge website where I post updates has been a tremendous encouragement to me and the prayers, thoughts, love and caring of the team of people has brought in daily "Good News Reports."

It's a way I can stay in touch with updates without a ton of email and phone calls since my day is full of focusing on Jesus and His healing power as "the team" brings about amazing changes by connecting with Jesus' healing already within me.

If you'd like to have updates and share the excitement with me, here's the link to my Caring Bridge website.  They don't give me the option not to have you register, but you can get notifications of when I post another update.

I am rejoicing in all the improvements and able to see myself whole, healed and divinely healthy.  God's unconditional love for us is extravagant.  We just have to get out of the way to get it.

Love and Hugs to Each of You!


P.S. As stated in the March 15th issue, you will be getting posts that have been scheduled ahead.  I'm always a month ahead in the regular posts, but do the newsletter within days of it going out and the newsletter is very time consuming.  Right now Jesus has that time.

Here's a link to the online version of this newsletter.

Simply want to copy and paste the link into an email, here it is:

This area of the newsletter has NOT been updated.   
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