Friday, December 1, 2006

Christmas Holiday Hussle - Keep It Simple

Don't let December get you into a hussle. I wrote a couple of articles years back that might encourage you to keep Christmas more simple:
A Different Kind of Christmas and Finding Stillness During the Holidays.

May I encourage you to take a pause on the consumer-driven way of doing Christmas and create a few new ideas for your family this year?

I've already exchanged gifts with my friend, Robin. She sponsored an Asian Elephant for me at The Elephant Sanctuary in TN and I sponsored a Red-tailed Hawk named Scarlette for her at The Wildlife Center in VA.

We've agreed with most of our friends to NOT exchange gifts but for those who are willing, I love to exchange contributions to organizations, such as I do with Robin. We do this every year and it's a most exciting event of surprise and intrigue with hints along the way. It's certainly simple. No long lines or intense shopping. Just a few clicks online and a lot of smiles afterwards.

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