Friday, December 15, 2006

Eastern Bluebirds at Bluebird Cove

We named our acre here in this community Bluebird Cove because, when we arrived in November 2000, there were a lot of bluebirds to be seen. Having lived with deep woods in Alabama where we came from, we rarely saw a bluebird since their favored habitat is open meadows. Here we have enough clearing around the house and the trees are thinned out enough for them to visit and even nest on our property.

They are most magnificent after all the leaves have fallen since seeing the streaks of blue here and there as they fly about is such a delight amidst a gray and brown woodland. They really make our deck and feeders colorful.

At this time of year, the males dominate. They don't have to "kiss up" to any missy to nest and make more bluebirds, so they take their "first in line" status to enjoy the freeze-dried mealworms, dried fruits and suet they like so much.

Not all males have equal status though. The ones that were born this year generally stay around with the family through winter and even to help out with raising the next generation their parents generate. When we see several males on the deck rail, we can tell which one is the Papa of the family. He gets a bit bossy. More bluebird photos on our gallery (search for the word bluebird)

We've been having lovely weather here in Central Virginia - high 50's and mid-60's this week. I treasure each day that I can open up the doors and windows for a bit of fresh air in the house, but the warmer weather just makes me miss the flowers so much more. It won't be long till I see daffodils. Until then .... I will enjoy today!

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