Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Link Between Violence and What We Eat

There is a striking correlation between violence and nutrient in the diet. A clinical trial at the US government's National Institutes for Health and earlier studies involving people with violent records found that those given supplements have been able for the first time to control their anger and aggression. The causes of increase in violent crime in the last decades may well be decaying pathways of the brain deadened by the lack of nutrition in the stomach.

There was a story in the Guardian recalling an earlier study of prisoners from 2002 which gave striking results. Surprisingly the discovery caused little stir in the media and no perceivable action from government. Read the story.

A revolution has turned around Central Alternative High School in Appleton, Wisconsin, and its 'problem kids', sent there from twelve area schools. Respect, achievement, and discipline prevail where once kids packed weapons, took drugs, and exhibited "terrible rudeness." Could a change in diet really accomplish this?

Read the entire story.

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