Sunday, December 17, 2006

Make Your Own Bird Seed Mix

Some of the bird seeds on the market have ingredients the birds don't like and even weed seeds. You might want to get a large tote and mix your own birdseed to attract a variety of species. This recipe will bless your ground and feeder types of birds and even get a few woodpeckers stealing those black-oil sunflower seeds.

Winter is an important time to help the birds make it through. Place your feeders close to windows so the birds don't fly into them and so you can enjoy the entertainment.

1 part white proso millet
1 part cracked corn
2 parts black-oil sunflower seed

Combine the seed, millet, and corn in a large container. Store in a dry trash can or storage can with a tight-fitting lid. This mixture can be offered in a tube, hopper, or platform feeder. Black oil sunflower seed is a great choice because it is higher in calories so they need to spend less time feeding. Black oil sunflower seeds are also the #1 choice to attract the most species of birds.

The millet will sprout as grass if it's not eaten or a sudden rain shower waters the seeds on the ground. If you don't want things growing under your feeder, you could leave this out and double up on the corn.

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