Monday, August 13, 2007

Monarch Caterpillars, God's Creation

In the wilderness we return to reason and faith. -- Emerson

We have Monarch caterpillars! I am so thrilled. A couple of years ago I discovered a Monarch that had just emerged from the chrysalis, stretching its wings and warming up for flight. This is the first year we've seen the larva stage of the Monarch in this beautifully colored caterpillar.

Mornings have been beautiful here at Bluebird Cove. So much activity outside our windows and around the porches. Creating a wildlife habitat has added so much joy to our lives and provided more entertainment than a wall full of videos or books.

God's Creation has so much to teach us and it is such an awesome gift to us. His request for us to "tend the garden" is certainly not work, but a labor of love that flows between Him and us as we experience the wonders of all He has created for our pleasure.

May the wonder of nature fill you to overflowing with love for its Creator and a close presence of His love for you!

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