Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rare Bird Alert In Your State Delivered By Email

Imagine having all the reports of rare birds entered at the eBird website for your home state delivered straight to your desktop. That's what the new eBird Rare Bird Gadget does. They have developed a Google Gadget to deliver rare bird sightings straight to your desktop including important details such as observer information and mapping information.

Any record submitted to eBird that requires the user to click the "Rare species" link on the checklist page will now appear on the rare bird gadget. You'll know within minutes when someone reports a great bird in your region. If you're a birder that keeps a life list (a record of all the birds you've ever seen), you'll want to know if something is nearby that you might be able to add to your life list.

This is a tiny grain of information on what the site actually has available for you, so visit eBird to discover what excites you most.

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