Monday, August 27, 2007

If Your Life Spinning Out of Control?

Do you ever feel like you're spinning around trying to get into what you want in life and it just stays locked shut?

This isn't what I call a great photo, but it illustrates how we are sometimes determined to control our lives and have our own way ... when God's got another place for us to feed.

This squirrel on our squirrel-proof feeder had a very frustrating time. View the photo album of this story in pictures.

On Labor Day I'll be 57. Birthdays make me reflect a lot. I've been trying for a very long time to dedicate myself to working more on me to find a way around the rheumatoid arthritis. God's mercy and natural remedies have brought me this far for the past 21 years with the disease, but I've sensed the Lord telling me for the past 5 years to switch "careers."

In 1982 I began a home business that God blessed and grew too large for only me, so Randal joined in 1988. I don't seem to be able to separate work and personal time well. I have always been a "do it now" person and enjoy tasks more than taking care of me. Part of my job is to do 17 publications a month. That's been my favorite part of work, but I've argued with God enough on this and since this year marks the 25th anniversary of the corporation, it seems quite an appropriate year to let go.

Why does it take us so long? God's patience is unending .. but we miss out on the better that He has for us in delaying. I don't know what all that "better" will be, but I am excited to finally take the turn off the expressway to arrive where ever He is leading.

This blog is the result of getting out of the business. One place to archive years of information on subjects I have a passion for. As I share what God is challenging me with, there are some of you that are walking the path alongside me. That has put many smiles on my face over the years from your emails. Together we will choose obedience and His path rather than our own. Thanks for all your encouragement!

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