Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Squirrels Are Entertaining and Challenging

Our naughty squirrels are a challenge. They are so entertaining and yet so challenging. They've recently chewed holes in the lid of our trash toter. What could they possible want in the garbage can that usually smells of cat litter?

This year to make it easier to clean out our 5 bird baths, I placed small brushes under a bush nearby each birdbath. In the past two weeks they sent out a search and return mission team and hauled them all off. Did somebody announce a squirrel scavenger hunt?

Did they take them to the head squirrel for some kind of reward or are they buried in the yard somewhere for a nice juicy plastic and bristle sandwich this winter? Earlier this year, I caught one on the front porch trying to haul away a ceramic snail that was as big as the squirrel's head.

My biggest disappointment was the deck planters that had reservoirs below to hold water so they wouldn't need to be watered daily. Our heritage petunias thrived in them. This year, they are not as well watered.

The squirrels chewed those openings down so that the water comes right out as you water. These planters are used by our Eastern Gray Tree Frogs who delighted in using the corners for their balcony to sing to the females.

Inside it was wet and cool ... until the squirrels converted them to hot and dry. The frogs have returned and chosen the planter that still has a bit of a "balcony" on it. They were still crooning to the females during their mating season which has now ended, even though they had a more primitive camp-out than previous years.

Living with the squirrels is a challenge at times, but then living with anybody can be challenging, and it doesn't mean you're willing to kick them out of your domain. It just gives us a chance to learn and grow and adapt. Life will never be perfect. We love our squirrels and they are quite delightful and entertaining. Did you see the squirrel with a hairdo that we had earlier this year? I've never seen anything like it. A ponytail on a squirrel tail. Click the double arrows to the right above the photo to see a closeup of it.

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