Monday, March 10, 2008

Communicating Appreciation

From Character Training Institute

Different individuals prefer different types of appreciation. Some feel most encouraged by a gift or an act of service. Others appreciate kind words or a written note. Others enjoy spending quality time together.

One way to discern how a person likes to receive appreciation is to analyze how that person shows appreciation to others. For example, a mother who tends to give gifts probably enjoys receiving gifts. A son who frequently serves others would likely appreciate someone helping him. Some family members might like new clothes; others might want you to fold clothes.

Study how family members like to be appreciated. List the names of each person in your family, and try to match each family member with one of the "Ways to Communicate" below.

Ways to Communicate:

Verbal appreciation
Spending time together
Written notes
Special gifts
Acts of service

The next time someone needs encouragement, try doing what will mean the most.

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