Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nesting Materials For Birds

We enjoy providing a bit of help for the birds making their nests. This is a nice checklist to determine if your yard has enough materials to provide for the construction of a new home.

Dead twigs, leaves, dry grass, human hair, animal hair, shredded paper, feathers, moss, and pine needles. You can put all of these in a wire mesh suet feeder if you want to hang them or just put them in piles or in a plastic planter saucer for them to sort through. It's fun to watch them choose building materials.

Do NOT use string, dryer lint, or cut fabric softener sheets. Do you know what's in those dryer sheets?

Some articles I read mentioned using string no longer than 6 inches, but I have also heard personal accounts of the babies mistaking it for worms and eating it and then dying of intestinal problems, so I rule all string and yarn out completely.

If you are mounting birdhouses, remember that south and east is the direction to face the opening to keep out the wind and rain. Having a feeder and/or birdbath nearby is also an attraction that makes it easier on the adults to feed and bath themselves while they're busy raising their young.

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