Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Costa Rica: Back In The City

by Donna L. Watkins

What a contrast to be in San Jose compared to La Selva. I had culture shock for a couple of days before school began again for my last week of Spanish.

I was awakened by the alarm clock, not the Howler Monkeys. I can see why they call those clocks alarms. It does kinda jolt you out of sleep, whereas the birds singing and the monkeys howling seemed like such a natural way to wake up.

What I missed most were the Collared Peccaries being outside my door each morning. Having them roam around the cabin like old friends, waiting for one of the bread fruits to fall from the tree nearby, made each day have its own rhythm. Now it's only lonely dogs that are left to roam the streets of San Jose since there are no leash laws.

The Montezuma Oropendolas that called and displayed above the peccaries were replaced with car horns and city noise. My morning trail walk has been replaced by trekking the pavement to school each morning and taking the bus back home. There are no bats to watch on the way to dinner at dusk.

Tears come to my eyes as I think of all the birds, the sounds, the critters, the plants, the incredible wonder of life as it evolves all around you in the rainforest. The detail of each living creature and plant and the methods by which they survive are an incredible testimony to a Great Creator. If God has put so much into the animals and plants of the earth, imagine what care He took in creating us humans.

For me, the rainforest is one big hug from my Heavenly Father, showing me in a hundred ways each day how much He loves me, as I watch the amazing biodiversity and interactions of living things. It makes my desire to be more like "the fowls of the air" turn into more of a belief - to be able to trust and depend on Him for my wants and needs.

The scenes that evolve in an ecosystem, from the changing of seasons to the ripening of fruits as flocks of birds and animals arrive to mate and feed their young, shows a Creator who is involved with His Creation. Even death is beneficial for survival .. and there is a reason for every season of life.

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Mary said...

What a wonderful, inspirational and spirtual post. I was very moved reading it. I am interested in visiting Costa Rica at some point and have been following the blog at to gain some insight into the country and what it has to offer, as I had heard so many wonderful things about it. I started to look up other blogs then and was thrilled when I found your post. Costa Rica is certainly a beautiful country and the more I hear and read about it, the more I am drawn to it. I thank God every day for all the wonderful things he has given us. I never cease to be fascinated at the beauty He has created - from the smallest creature to the largest, the smallest valley to the highest peak. It is breathtaking. I currently live by the sea and am continually inspired by and respectful of the force of the elements and the sheer spirituality of God's creation. Over the years, whilst dealing with difficult times, I have become more attuned with nature and more aware of God's gift to us, and indeed, more attuned with myself. I never doubt that God will always take care of my needs and wants. I really love your blog Donna and am so looking forward to regular visits.

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