Saturday, March 29, 2008

Toxic Dryer Sheets & Cleaning Supplies

When I was reading about information on what to leave out for birds to build their nests, the information specifically stated NOT to use dryer sheets. I wondered why. This is what I found. You can easily see why they could kill baby birds ... but what about our babies? Nobody needs to be using clothes and towels coated with these chemicals.

* Benzyl Acetate: Linked to pancreatic cancer

* Benzyl Alcohol: Upper respiratory tract irritant

* Ethanol: On the EPA's Hazardous Waste list and capable of causing central nervous system disorders

* A-Terpineol: Can cause respiratory problems, including fatal edema, and central nervous system damage

* Ethyl Acetate: A narcotic on the EPA's Hazardous Waste list

* Camphor: Causes central nervous system disorders

* Chloroform: Neurotoxin, anesthetic and carcinogen

* Linalool: A narcotic that causes central nervous system disorders

* Pentane: A chemical known to be harmful if inhaled

Even the liquid fabric softeners are filled with the same and similar chemicals. Our skin absorbs these things, especially when we sweat and our pores are wide open. Throw them away and use vinegar in your rinse cycle. I pour it where the fabric softener goes. It's been working for me for 20 years.

We got rid of the chemical cleaners and detergents a long time ago because my husband had continual rashes under his arms and where he would sweat. I had chronic dry skin using chemical soaps, so we replaced them all with Sunshine Concentrate. It goes in our soap pumps, in our washer as detergent, and in the countertop spray bottle I use (with essential oils for antimicrobial properties).

Easy to keep my cleaning cabinet organized now. And there are a zillion uses for Sunshine Concentrate.

What to do about fabric softener? Use white vinegar. I fill the dispenser in my washer that's for fabric softener with vinegar. Have been using it for 15 years and it does a great job on the towels. As for clothes, I don't have a need for anything else after they've been washed in the Sunshine Concentrate mentioned above.

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