Sunday, May 11, 2008

Heartworms Gone Naturally

"Abby is my lovely, mixed-breed rescue. She tested positive for heartworms. The vet at the time was incredulous that I did not want the conventional treatment for her.

I found Bandit's Buddies website and a very insightful article about the hazards of treating heartworms with Ivermectin. That confirmed my decision to avoid it. I decided to try Bandit's heartworm program.

I am so thankful to those who believed in the healing power of nature. Robin's website provided the affirmation that I needed, actually finding out about other dogs who encountered heartworms and survived.

These testimonies gave me courage!

Abby is now 9 years old and in very good condition. She had tested positive for heartworms for six years, but now is healthy and heartworm free!"

Read the full story (and other heartworm success stories).

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