Monday, May 5, 2008

Lead In Lipsticks - Toxic Cosmetics

Most of us probably worry more about the healthiness of our breakfast cereal or caffeinated eye-opener than we do about the safety of the other cornerstones of our morning routines. But the disturbing truth of the matter is that unless you're eating bacon, eggs, and donuts with abandon, what you're putting on your body every morning may be doing more long-term damage to your health than what you're putting in it.

If nothing else, you at least know a lot more about what's in your bacon, eggs and donuts than what's lurking in shampoo, shaving gel or make-up. That's because food and food ingredients are regulated and safety-tested before being sold, whereas cosmetic contents are not. And should your breakfast ingredients pose any risks-the potential salmonella in your eggs or the trans fats in those donuts, for example-the product label would indicate it.

But don't expect the cosmetic industry to give you much of a heads up if that "fragrance" in your moisturizer has been linked to reproductive birth defects or if that mascara contains mercury. Read the entire article.

View report on brands tested.

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