Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Passing Gallstones

Being into natural health methods for almost 30 years, I've heard a lot. The gallbladder cleanse is one of those things that has popped up now and then over the years as I've heard stories of people passing stones during and after the cleanse.

This is the most recent story I've seen. It's certainly nice to know that people are still using simple ways of doing things. Of course, I'm not making any recommendations on whether or not to do surgery, but you can certainly learn a lot by researching on the internet.

I've always heard that the apple juice you need to use must be natural, not the common water-thin stuff from the grocery store. "Real" apple juice has some of the fiber still in it and might be called "unfiltered." I've read there are more antioxidants in this type of apple juice, so I'm sure there are other properties that are important also.

Here's a great place to begin.

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