Monday, May 5, 2008

The Healing Process

by Donna L. Watkins
Originally Published in A Healing Moment

As I continue in my challenge with rheumatoid arthritis, it gets easier to see that my emotions and thoughts control so much of the solution in healing.

There is a definite correlation between what I think and whether I have pain or not. Since I choose to avoid the drugs with many side effects for this disease, it keeps me 'having to focus on what I'm thinking and what my emotions are. It has also forced me to make choices about who I am going to associate with.

Listening to people who live their lives in the "lower regions" of the earth will not edify or build anybody's health. I have had to make some difficult choices on the people I spend time with. I find life holds enough challenges without having to listen to people who have nothing positive to say.

Have you ever noticed how you feel after being with somebody like that? I literally feel like somebody beat the life out of me with an extended period of their ranting. God tells us: "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things." And what does it promise? "And the God of peace will be with you." (Philippians 4)

Our lives are not about what we do (or what we own, but that's another hot topic). It's about who we are. For Christians that is pretty well laid out in the Bible, but as Christians, we often do not believe that the Bible truly holds all answers and wisdom for us.

If we don't get rid of the stress in our lives, we will never get rid of the diseases. Doesn't matter how many millions are poured into the associations searching for a cure, we may be the ones holding the "cure" in our hands all along.

God is always working for good in our lives (Romans 8:28) if we love Him and want His purpose and will in our lives. When we are sick and facing a health challenge, we especially need to look for good, if for nothing else but to speed along recovery.

Patients need to be encouraged to find the meaning in their health crisis. Most people have some kind of innate knowing of this, but it is not usually supported by conventional doctors as part of the healing process.

Consider this:

Measure your life by loss and not by gain,
Not by the wine drunk but by the wine poured forth,
For love's strength is found in love's sacrifice,
And he who suffers most has most to give.
--- Anonymous

When ill we should ask, "Why do I need this in my life now? What might this condition or pain or symptom or limitation be trying to get me to do or stop doing?"

If you can ask yourself these questions without guilt or self-blame, get in touch with the answers, and start to make changes accordingly, then real progress in your healing becomes possible.

Abraham's wife Sarah had a health crisis. She had been unable to bear Abraham a child. She was now way past physically being able to do so (all hope was lost) when God chooses to (finally) enter the scene and promise Abraham that his seed would fill the earth.

Abraham believed God and said to his eyes (which saw the circumstances), "Stand back!" and to the laws of nature (that he knew in his mind), "Hold your peace!" and to his unbelieving heart, "Silence, you lying tempter!" He simply believed God.

Be sure you don't take a counterfeit like Abraham did. Sarah talked him into having a child with her handmaiden. Ishmael and Isaac are still fighting with the continual war in the Middle East between Palestine and Israel.

Jehovah-Jireh = God Will Provide

Abraham learned his lesson on timing. He chose no counterfeits when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac on the altar. His faith had been built, he knew that God would provide in one way or another. He would not be moved by what he saw or felt.

What an example for us of trust in God. In the healing process, let's ask God what He is showing us, see the good, and move on to healing.

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'Squeeky' said...

Thank-you for your article "The Healing Process" I, too, suffer from an auto-immune disease--and recently lost my job and my two pets during this same time. It is an opportunity to rest IN Him, to see His hand work it all out for our good (Rom. 8:28) according to His purpose and to learn "trust"--God never fails us and never allows anything in His children's lives which is not first approved by Him. He DOES know best...and makes it all beautiful in His time. May you continue to trust in Christ and be blessed immensely! ~~'Squeeky'

sharingsunshine said...

Thanks, Squeeky! And I love the name. Our cat is named Squeek :-)

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