Monday, August 25, 2008

Faith or Folly

by Donna L. Watkins

Have you ever seen somebody who uses their faith to excuse themselves from making decisions?

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They may be out of work and say, "I'm just waiting for God to provide me work." Like it will come out of the sky like hail and drop in his lap.

Many times Christians who are afraid to make a decision use faith as their reasoning. Fear of failure can be strong enough to blind us. There must be a careful balance between faith and proper planning. If somebody is out of work, they need to be fine-tuning their resume and maybe taking the time to add to their job skills.

When you need a job, you should be looking everywhere and mentioning everywhere what you are looking for. God still does miracles, but a miracle is something that we can't do for ourselves, and many times we expect miracles rather than putting our own hand to the plow.

We must do all we can to prepare, while at the same time understanding that it's the favor of God that blesses our endeavors and produces fruit from our labor. To walk by faith doesn't mean you stop planning, thinking, asking for advice and improving our weaknesses on the topic.

We can trust God for our finances, but not if we're blowing the budget every month. We can ask for health and healing, but you can't smoke and overeat or live on junk food and expect health. Expecting God to bail us out when things get messy isn't faith, it's presumption.

Wisdom says do all you can and trust God to do what you cannot.

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