Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Heartworm Success Story

Robin Sockness at Bandit's Buddies is a hero in my eyes. She's been helping dogs recover from heartworm without the chemical treatments and has helped so many dogs get well from so many health issues.

Not only does she work with clients through her website, she also has taken in numerous rescue dogs to get them well and then send them on to their permanent home. She began Bandit's Buddies after her own dog had heartworms and was doomed to die, but being a believer in natural remedies, she and I came up with a program and Bandit checked out negative for many years after until he died of old age.

Her initial motivation was to help other dogs with a natural heartworm program, but she soon was aware that her new part-time business was providing some profits that she could donate to her local shelter and use for natural products that were needed by rescue dogs with health problems.

I just noticed her website has a new success story on a rescue dog with many health issues, one of them being heartworms. It warms my heart to know there's somebody out there making such a difference for animals. Read Read Mack's success story and many others on her website.

Robin shares her rewarding part-time business enthusiasm with others, so if you're looking to help pets and want to learn more about natural remedies, contact Robin from her website. She's always looking for more distributors to help more dogs.

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