Monday, July 6, 2009

Laugh Yourself Happy

Laughter is truly good medicine and it can brighten your spirit, soul and your day because it produces hormones that make you feel good. I keep these two videos in a "keep" folder because no matter how many times I watch them I laugh until I'm sore. You have to love animals to enjoy them as much as I do.

#1 - There are trees that grow in Africa which, once a year, produce very juicy fruits that contain a large percentage of alcohol. Because there is a shortage of water, as soon as the fruits are ripe, animals come there to help protect themselves from the heat and they "drink up" the ripe fruits. Watch what happens next.

#2 - This bird loves Ray Charles and dances away. The further into the video it gets, the more hysterical it is. If only I had that kind of energy and endurance!

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