Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Health Posts Have a New Website

As of today, there will be no more health topic posts on this blog. Joint Health is the last health post for The Nature In Us.

July has been a transition month for the health category of news. All health news posts will now only be made on The Herbs Place News website.

All of the archived posts for the health topic will remain at The Nature In Us, but they are also posted on the new website, so you will be able to search for the same information there also.

Health has always been the most popular topic in polls at The Nature In Us. The new website is offering 3-4 posts a week so you'll have more health news to choose from.

You can get the posts by email, feed, or follow on Twitter. The options are on the website. Visit The Herbs Place News now and choose an option to stay in touch.

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Bose said...

Thanks so much for taking me to!Mens Health

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