Thursday, November 26, 2009


As Christians, we recognize the abundance of which Jesus spoke is essential to our wholeness. Yet more often than not, we don't experience or feel that abundance.

Could it be that in seeking and attaining more things, we have actually lost something of inestimable value?

A loss that comes from the misunderstanding that this abundance is essentially and primarily material; a loss that may in no small measure result from confusing our society's ideal of the 'good life' with the 'abundant life.'

If the good life is materialism and the pursuit of the American Dream, the abundant life is authentic wealth. If the good life is individualist and me-centered, the abundant life is characterized by the extension of compassion to all of creation.

Voluntary simplicity must call people to a broader vision -- a vision that sees the connections between ecological and social decline; between environmental and social justice, between personal choices and global issues -- that emerges as a prophetic, compassionate response to today's world.

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I have this book and it's really an inspiration of what life here on earth is all about.

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