Friday, November 20, 2009

Ultimate Flea Trap

I just stumbled upon this product at, but after hearing several friends talk about the ordeal of their flea problems, I thought I'd share it to give all pet owners some hope and relief.

The best part is that there's no poisons involved. Nothing to damage the health of your pets, children or you. And no residual toxins in the carpet or pet's bloodstream. I love a natural solution! And a frugal one to boot!

Product Info:
This flea trap monitors and controls flea infestations. The patented design features produce the high efficacy of the trap. Lured in by the trap's color, the heat and light from the bulb, and the sweet odor inserted in the specially formulated sticky glue disc, fleas don't stand a chance.

This flea trap lets pet owners see results. The non-poisonous and odorless trap enables safe placement around children and pets and comes fully assembled and ready-to-use. Refills are also available.

The reviews on it are really good ... View the Ultimate Flea Trap

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