Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why Care About Creation?

Caring for the Earth is a fundamental part of religious faith. Nearly every major faith tradition and Christian denomination has a statement about the need to respect, enjoy, and protect God’s gift of the world around us.

Underlying these statements are a set of core values that speak to the heart of religious morals and ethics: spirituality, stewardship, sustainability, and justice.

Creation itself inspires us and calls us to care. Many people have had their most profound spiritual experience in nature. As we behold the power and love of God in a mountain range, a sunset, or in the timelessness of the ocean, we can’t help but be moved.

But creation also includes humans – our families, communities, and created landscapes. God created all things of Heaven and Earth and God is our inspiration to care for both wild places and our own cities and backyards. Read the entire article on stewardship and sustainability.

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