Friday, May 14, 2010

eBird Website Updates

eBird has is doing great things.   This is excerpts from their recent newsletter.  This is a great site for those who love birds!

Two New Ways to Make Your Birding Count

From its inception, the grand hypothesis of eBird has been that the observations of birders can make a valuable contribution to understanding broad-scale patterns of bird distribution and abundance. With its vast geographic scope and dedicated contributors, eBird has a growing capacity to help answer questions about birds at scales never before imaginable. 

As the eBird dataset continues to mature, scientists are just beginning to explore and tap its potential. Early results are promising, and thanks to our close working relationship with talented computer scientists and biologists, we’ve identified two ways that you can help greatly improve the utility of the eBird dataset. We’ve recently launched two new projects within eBird: The eBird Site Survey and eBird County Birding.  The goal of each initiative uniquely addresses the needs identified through our collaboration with the researchers who are using your data directly.

New iPhone App Harnesses the Power of eBird—Check Out BirdsEye

BirdsEye is the first iPhone app to harness the eBird database as a source for bird-finding information. You can use any of several tools to pull up bird data, and can get directions to the location where any bird was reported. The application can pull data from your current location (or you can select the location) and will let you:

  1. Find nearby birds—All birds seen within about 30 miles
  2. Locate a bird—See nearest reports for any of about 850 species
  3. View birding hotspots—Find nearby birding hotspots and see what has been reported there
  4. Access content—See pictures, hear sounds, and read bird-finding tips from Kenn Kaufman for any species
  5. Record your life list

Subscribe to the eBird Rare Bird Alert

We are very excited to introduce a new feature: eBird Alerts! By going to the eBird Alerts page from "View and Explore Data" you can view a list of all the national-level rarities recently reported in North America and Canada. These are defined by the ABA Codes, which we explain below. You have the option to subscribe hourly (!), daily, or just to visit this page and click to see the results from the past seven days. In the near future, we hope to add similar alerts for birds you "need" (i.e., birds not already on your eBird list) for a given state or province. So please, sign up for our ABA Alerts to keep up on what rarities—like Ivory Gulls—are being reported around the country!
Visit eBird.

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