Saturday, May 1, 2010

Newsletter - 5/1/10

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Hello Friends!

We've been having beautiful weather here in central Virginia.  A bit breezy and with a chill some days, but gorgeous enough to be outside and enjoy all the greening and blooming that is going on.  I've been taking photos around the yard and a couple days ago did a walk-about to catch some photos of the incredible beauty found in flowers - at a distance and especially close up.  View Our Garden and Critter Photos.

Randal has reseeded our little strip of grass outside the breakfast window and in front of the deck and screened porch.  It's only about six (6) feet wide but it adds some pretty color and becomes a pathway between house and woods / pond.  We didn't want to use regular grass seed that would spread by root everywhere, so we put in a clump grass which is more native and requires less care.  No need for all that fertilizing and watering.  That's a plus.  This year we've added white clove to it since I did a post on the many benefits of doing that.  Lawns:  The Clover Mix Alternative

When we visited friends in Georgia last month, I took photos of another fabulous garden in Duluth.  Susanna and Mark really know how to landscape a sloped front yard with great variety.  View Susanna's garden.

We also visited some nice nature places with friends while in Georgia.  A trip without God's Creation is like a meal without a table.  View Georgia Natural Areas.

Don't put off your Spring outings.  Spend some time in a local park ... or take a weekend to get away and dream big dreams.  Don't put those desires up on a shelf for later ... later sometimes never comes ... bring them to life again and make time for the important things that will really matter near life's finish.

Love and Hugs,

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