Sunday, May 9, 2010

Laughter Amidst Life's Painful Trials

What would stop you cold in your tracks? Financial ruin, losing your home, the death of your mother, a diagnosis of cancer, a close friend dying, or your spouse being unfaithful. Anyone of these is bad news. But how about all of these at the same time…while recovering from an illness that just paralyzed you from the waist down? I bet that’s not in your Day Planner.

Sally Franz is a remarkable woman, not only has she faced all of the above, but she has written a fantastic new book about it. And the book is FUNNY!

In 2005 she ended up paralyzed from the waist down from a rare auto-immune disease (Transverse Myelitis). It took several years in Physical Rehab to learn to walk without crutches. So she writes a HUMOR book about it, "Scrambled Leggs...A Snarky Tale of Hospital Hooey."

If you've ever had one or many of those "amazing and non-believable" hospital experiences of non-patient care, you'll find it sobering and hilarious. I've only begun reading the promo copy Sally sent me, but I am already enthralled and amazed at the humor one can have while enduring most of life's hardest trials and tribulations.  Laughter is good medicine ... and this book is definitely good natural medicine!

As a motivational speaker to Fortune 500 Companies (such as Intel, SONY, Yahoo! and Texaco-Chevron), a international speaker (3 times guest on the Today Show) and a former stand-up comic in clubs such as Stand-up NY and Caroline’s, Sally knows how to deliver a punch(line).

Sally’s book also has plenty of substance. So whether she is talking about MRIs or misdiagnosis, she has her eye on the goal of overcoming and sharing her secrets. On June 8th she is running a BIG BONANZA BOOK LAUNCH.

If you buy her book on that day Sally will give you for FREE the workbook “Scrambled Life ... 3 Secrets to Getting Your Life Back”, 20 humor posters, 3 e-books, tips, reports and much more as a thank you.  She has free gifts for checking the website out today also.

If you can't wait, you can order it now on

If you're a "seeing is believing" kind of person, here's a few You Tube videos that she has:

In the Beginning
Day to Die For
The Experts
The Cure

Also, 10% of the profits are going to Operation First Response (Helping Wounded Warriors) and another 10% for the Transverse Myelitis Association, It is a win-win-win. See you at

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