Sunday, October 9, 2011

Caring For Creation or Presenting the Gospel

Evangelical Christians often resist the efforts of environmental activists to move them toward more effective and responsible behavior regarding the environmental health of the natural world-what we call “the creation.”

by Dean Ohlman, Wonder of Creation

We do this in part because of our perception that most vocal environmental activists are either New Agers, amoral celebrities, or secular humanists. We typically think of these individuals as nature worshippers who believe everything is God, sentimental animal lovers who see no fundamental difference between people and their pets, or atheists whose only god is naturalistic evolution.

Evangelicals are reluctant to become fellow travelers with those who appear to have such unbiblical views about the nature of the earth - even if there is no biblical reason for us to oppose the responsibility of caring for the creation. We hesitate to work shoulder to shoulder with individuals whose connections and motivations are non-Christian - often for fear that our churches, friends, and families will think we’ve been duped by eco-pagans, eco-socialists, pop idols, or godless scientists.

Further, we have been trained to believe that our primary responsibility is to share the gospel with them - to tell them the good news about Jesus, not share a stream-bank clean-up with them. We ask, “Isn’t evangelism more important than caring for the creation?” And to that we typically answer, “of course.” Read the entire article.

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