Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cut Bathroom Faucet Water by 90%

Every Little Dripp Counts
Mark van Baal

These days, instead of gushing jets of water, what comes out of the bathroom faucets at the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in Hellendoorn, a small town in the eastern part of the Netherlands, are showers of tiny drops.

That’s because the firm has installed 26 Dripps. Invented by three students from Maastricht, Dripps cut water flow by more than 90 percent.

A mechanism inside the faucet attachment converts a stream of water into a spray. When Ode tested a Dripp, hand-washing took a mere fraction longer than with a conventional faucet. (The device isn’t suitable for use in showers.)

So far, just a few hundred standard faucets in businesses and schools have been replaced by Dripps, which cost about $40 each. Still, sometimes the biggest floods start with just a few drops.

Source: Ode Magazine.

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