Saturday, October 15, 2011

Drilling Sites in Arctic Near Bird Breeding Areas

The Interior Department has approved Shell Oil's plan to drill in the Arctic Ocean next summer.

Editor Chuck Hagner at writes that the proposed sites, four in all, are located in the Beaufort Sea about 20 miles offshore from a portion of Arctic NWR that hosts thousands and thousands of breeding shorebirds -- so many that the area qualifies easily as a site of international importance.

Read more about Chuck's summary.

Read about the birds a research biologist, with the Alaska Bird Observatory, found during a summer birdwatching and photography trip to Arctic NWR.

Read Kenn Kaufman's descriptions of five shorebirds that breed on the high-arctic tundra around Barrow, Alaska.

Read how a search for caribou in Arctic NWR turned up a wealth of Great Horned, Northern Hawk, Great Gray, and Boreal Owls, from "Birder at Large" by Pete Dunne.

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