Monday, October 3, 2011

Perennial Parties

Here's a cool suggestion from a Birds and Blooms subscriber. It was in their email you can subscribe to.

For a few years now, gardeners in my area have been holding perennial parties. Each spring and fall, different gardeners take turns hosting the gathering in their backyards.

It’s a great time to exchange tips, advice and plants. Roughly 150 gardeners are involved. We organize the plants by light needs and by type, such as herbs, daylilies and hostas. We have thousands of plants!

A few of the ladies involved are master gardeners. They answer questions before the trading begins. Then we take turns picking plants until they’re all gone.

I’ve filled entire flower beds with these free plants. I look forward to the event every autumn. –Connie Baumann, Lino Lakes, Minnesota

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