Friday, October 5, 2012

Feline Feeding Behavior & Why it Matters

by Dr. Jane Bicks

When it comes to cats, it’s not just what you feed that counts, it’s how you feed. And with feline obesity an epidemic in the U.S., you owe it to yourself (and your cat) to read the latest post from Dr. Jane.

If cats truly have nine lives, the latest data seems to suggest that they’re spending seven or eight of them vegging out on the couch. The problem is that felines are natural hunters, and a life of leisure is jeopardizing their health.

In this post by Dr. Jane, you’ll learn that what many take as merely being finicky is really just that cats want a challenge come mealtime. If you’re chasing your tail trying to help your cat lose weight, review Dr. Jane’s newest message … it’s chock full of practical tips for shedding unwanted pounds. Read this post now.

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