Friday, October 19, 2012

How To Make Better Nature Photos

by Rob Sheppard

When I first started making photos with a digital camera nearly a decade ago, the LCD display on its back was new to me. Nothing like it was part of the film equipment I had used for years, so I tended to forget about the LCD and relied on the new camera's viewfinder.

I remember setting up a shot of a basswood tree during autumn that looked quite interesting through that viewfinder. I took the picture and collapsed my tripod as I walked away.

Then it occurred to me: I could see the photo by playing it back on the LCD. And that’s when I discovered that my shot was not as good as I thought. I went back to the tree and set up everything again, using my first image as a reference, and got the result I was hoping to achieve.

Using the LCD playback to make more compelling images is not a novel idea, but as I’ve discovered in the nature photography workshops I teach, people often overlook it.

 Here are some other tips you may find useful as you head outdoors with your camera.

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