Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Thyroid Isn't Healed .. Yet!

by Donna L. Watkins

(Note:  There's an update to this article below also.)

After reducing the amount of Nature-Throid I was using based on some symptoms, and believing it might be totally healed, I noticed some symptoms indicating low thyroid.  My thyroid was "zapped" with radioactive iodine when I was 25 since it was hyperactive, but they destroyed too much of it, so I was then low thyroid requiring a prescription.  I switched to the more natural glandular but it still required a prescription to get it and annual blood work I get at a walk-in clinic.

My short haircut and botanical perm
Awhile back I was thinking I was having symptoms of taking too much of the glandular prescription, so I cut the dosage.  After a month I was noticing some symptoms of it possibly being low.  I intended to have blood work done after five weeks, so I went in hoping that my thyroid was totally restored. I was wrong ... not yet.

After getting the call with the results, the battle was not to be discouraged. I could feel my heart sinking and wanting to have a pity party. So easy to dress up for it mentally. But I know that every minute I allow it only makes it harder to leave the party, so I gave myself an hour of dwelling on "poor little ole me" and then played a spiritual message we had started and it was exactly what I needed.

It's easy to praise God once you've crossed the Red Sea and seen all that was bad drowned and dead, but the real Life within us comes in when we can praise Him before stepping between the waters. It's all done, it is coming forth within me according to my faith ... but the problem is that my doubts and unbelief from what I've been looking at in the physical realm all these years counterbalances the faith.  We don't need more faith, we just need to get rid of the doubt and unbelief, so I will keep building it up with the Word that renews my mind.

Just like Jesus didn't get to the disciples until the 4th watch of the night ... it may be later rather than sooner, but it's all happening within me and the more I stand in faith rather than fear and worry, the quicker it will be. Any second it can all be over. I know one thing .. if I give into despair I will remain there and nothing good will happen. My whining doesn't move God, only believing and receiving works since all things come by faith. I know I'm walking this path with many others, so I don't want to lose what I've gained.

One of the nurses at the clinic where I get the blood test done saw my book, "God Wants You Well," and asked about it so I was able to tell her that I didn't have the surgery for the heart valve and a few of the details that went on after the ER doctor told my husband to contact Hospice. She said her church is getting into a health and wellness program and she wrote down the name and author so she could recommend it.

Old Wire Fence Is Now Hidden In The Tree
The Same As Our 'Old Man' Should Be Hidden in Christ
Scheier Natural Area, Palmyra, VA
I realize my brain is still so works-oriented. I keep thinking there's something I haven't done. When we condemn ourselves, the devil doesn't even have to bother. But there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, so that has to go. Of course he hounds us with all kinds of negative chatter, but we overcome him by the Blood of the Lamb.

The only way we can be victorious in this earthly life is to be hidden in Christ.  Finding out who we are in Him and living through Him.  God says we are awesome and wonderful and He loves us so much.  There is no condemnation towards us.  He is not angry or mad.  He sees us through the shed blood of His Son, and His Son resides in us if we have made Him Lord and Savior of our lives.  He has become for us a New Covenant of Grace.  No longer under the Old Covenant.  Why would you call it new if you were just adding to the old?

We used to be hanging out there on our own struggling to make it through this world.  The law could not save us from sin.  It was never intended to do so.  God used it to point out to man that we cannot in our own power be righteous, and then He provided a way for us through Jesus.

Now we can live life abundantly by receiving all that God has for us into our spirits.  It first has to pass through our minds to renew them.  We are a new creation in Christ, but that is in the spiritual realm.  Obviously not the physical since we still look the same.  But at that point of conversion as far as our Father is concerned we are hidden in Christ and we are all that Christ is.

Sure we still have troubles and always will, but we now have the power and authority He's given us to overcome them.  Believing that is a major challenge if it's never been in the teaching you've received.  No wonder that people who just get saved and get the 'whole truth' are so much more victorious than those who have been Christians for decades.  So much of the brain to renew when it's been fed wrong.

Jesus told us that we would do even greater works than His.  That's a grand and marvelous goal to picture.

UPDATE - 11/28/12

I have wonderful news on the thyroid results of my retest.  The doctor at the clinic where I go for blood work only increased my dosage by a 1/2 tablet (which made it a total of 1-1/2 tablets) even though I was previously on 2 tablets.  I felt like this was going to be a long process since I figured I'd have to go back to 2 tablets to bring it back to where I was, so I didn't have much hope on the retest results six weeks later.

"Oh me of little faith!"

Normal TSH is from .27-4.2
My results after I messed it up: 18.27
Results 6 weeks later: 1.46

I couldn't believe it!  Such a huge spread!  Not having to go back to 2 tablets means MY THYROID IS HEALING!  Actually it's being totally restored since it was zapped with radioactive iodine in 1976 and was destroyed.  This has been a great encouragement to me on my healing journey.

No matter what we see in the physical realm it doesn't make it so in the spiritual realm.  When we renew our minds enough to bring the healing Jesus gave us with His stripes, we will see it all in the physical realm.  I have a lot of renewing to do from previous teaching.

Do you know each time the brain records something it leaves a path and if you repeat that it "cuts" it in deeper, so I've got a lot of ruts to fill in with new Truth.  [Read Changing Our Thought Patterns].

The devil continually fills my head with lies about my body, but I've got the Word and that is the Truth I shall live by. "By His stripes I WAS healed" (I Pet. 2:24). "He sent His Word and healed me and delivered me from all my destruction" (Ps. 107:20.

It's not a cake walk, but the results are worth it.  I just keep reminding myself that the only other option is to give up the spiritual battle and lay down waiting to die.  Not that Heaven won't be a grand place to go and be, but I don't want to enter my welcome party earlier than my Father has scheduled it for me.  So, I decided that, "I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD (Psalm 118:17).

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