Thursday, March 20, 2014

DON'T Buy Bunnies, Chicks & Ducklings For Easter

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Wild Bunny From the Woods
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Editor's Note:
This article is a bit dated from the published date, but the information is certainly current.  Easter pets such as bunnies and chicks are bought on an impulse and the animal ends up suffering.  Please don't buy into this realm of Easter gifts.  And PLEASE PASS THIS INFO on to others!  Thanks!

Young birds and rabbits require a long-term, special care commitment to ensure their health, safety, and happiness.

Many families are not willing to do what it takes, or may not know how to help chicks and rabbits adapt to a family's lifestyle. They need the right type of food, shelter and environment. A hutch or chicken coop is not enough!

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Mama and Baby Chick
AshLawn-Highland - James Monroe's Home in Virginia
Children may not realize how fragile these living creatures are and they may smother the animal with love or receive bites and scratches as a reaction to rough handling.  

Humane Society statistics suggest that 90 percent of the animals given as holiday gifts die within a few days or a few weeks from illness, mishandling or neglect.

Families that are considering an animal at Easter should consider a dog or cat from a shelter or another small mammal that will adapt well to living with humans. Read the entire article.

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