Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monarchs Need Our Help — Now!

Thanks to Dolores for forwarding this to me.  I've reported on the Monarch Butterflies s a number of times since their migration is so amazing and they are so beautiful and they need milkweed plants to survive!  Take time to make your voice heard by filling in the Take Action form.

The monarch population is plummeting as Big Ag kills off the native plants they need to survive. Tell the EPA to rein in the widespread use of herbicides that are wiping out monarchs!

Monarch butterflies are in crisis, and we must take immediate action to protect them!

Less than 20 years ago, an astounding 1 billion monarchs migrated to Mexico for the winter. This year, a mere fraction of that -- just 33.5 million -- made the journey.

Why? In large part it's because industrial agriculture is killing off the native milkweed on which monarchs depend with a new generation of potent herbicides.

Tell the EPA to adopt tough new restrictions on the weed killers that are wiping out monarchs!  By placing common sense limits on Big Ag's rampant use of herbicides like glyphosate -- marketed as Roundup by Monsanto -- the EPA could dramatically increase the monarch's chance for survival.

Monarchs can't live without milkweed -- it is the only plant on which they lay their eggs.  This is the ninth year in a row that the population of monarchs wintering in Mexico has fallen below its long-term average, and this year it hit an all-time low.
What's at stake here? One of the most astounding and extraordinary migrations on the planet -- a true natural wonder.

Each year, as they have for countless generations, North American monarchs undertake an epic journey, flittering upwards of 3,000 miles across the U.S. and Canada to just a relative few wintering grounds, including Mexico's Sierra Madre mountains.

But as industrial agriculture has ramped up its use of genetically engineered crops resistant to weed killers like glyphosate, it has also dramatically escalated its use of herbicides -- and monarch populations have plunged.

Please tell EPA the time to act is now!


Lee said...

That's sad! The Monarchs are so beautiful and such a journey they take.

sharingsunshine said...

It is sad … there's something sacred about Creation and the amazing science behind it all showing us that only a God could make such incredible creatures.

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