Monday, March 3, 2014

Herbs Boost Cat's Health & Happiness

Herbs: A Simple "Green" Way to Help Boost Your Cat's Health and Happiness
by Dr. Becker

Even for novice gardeners, herbs are incredibly easy to grow ... You might be interested to know that certain herbs can provide healthful benefits for your pet, while others can be used to treat specific feline ailments.

Cat’s claw and dandelion root. A solution of dandelion root and cat’s claw can help relieve itching in kitties with allergies. Dandelion root promotes healthy digestion and liver detoxification, while cat's claw helps modulate the immune system.

Dig up pesticide-free dandelion roots, rinse them well, chop into 1/4 inch pieces, place on roasting pan and dry in the oven for 2 hours at 250 degrees, occasionally flipping them to make sure they are evenly dried. Once they are dried out, finely chop (or pulse in a coffee grinder to mince). Store in an airtight container.  Read how to grow cat-friendly herbs on even a balcony.

Editor's Note:  I have used herbs for our cats since the late 70's.  It has really increased their day-to-day health, but more than that, they have really been a benefit and blessing with some near death illnesses.  I am so grateful for God's herbal kingdom.

The article talks about growing herbs, but I like the readily accessible capsule option.  I open a capsule and sprinkle into the food whatever I want to get down our cat.  They seemed tuned in to herbs so I've not had many problems with an herb not being eaten.  When it does happen, I figure they know better than I do as to what they need.

One important thing is to start with very little and gradually increase.  You don't want to greatly change the taste of the food or their sense of smell will react.

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