Friday, March 28, 2014

Wildlife Boundaries

by Donna Donabella

We rarely saw critters in our yards even in the suburbs as we lived in treeless lots with acres of lawn. So anytime spent in nature was special and mysterious. But in our yards and homes, we did everything to get rid of critters. Insects were feared (bees and hornets) and thought of as pests (mosquitoes and flies). And birds were a rare sighting, mostly sparrows, that lived in the woods on the fringe of our development.

When I moved to central New York in my early teens, we lived in a new development that was in the “sticks”. There were only a handful of houses surrounded by woods and wildlife that found their way into our yards all the time. It was here that I felt a closer bond with nature as birds built nests in our trees and under our windows. Deer and rabbits browsed the trees and shrubs, and snapping turtles moseyed through.  Read the rest of this beautiful article on the author's website.

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