Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Carolina Wren, Rough Green Snake, Blue Heron and Leesburg, VA

This Carolina Wren shares his song with us in the mornings. It seems he takes his place on the deck post just to praise the Lord. It certainly makes my heart rejoice in God's Creation.

Life certainly passes by quickly when you look back, although some challenging days seem to last for a very long time.

We have had many events to count as blessings. We drove to Leesburg, VA, to meet family mid-way between them and us. Since we all enjoy the natural world, we visited three parks while there for the day.

At the first one, we saw a Rough Green Snake (click double arrows to the right to see more snake photos). My mind still says 'fear' when I see snakes but I so want to be able to love them as much as I do the rest of God's Creation. So few of them are poisonous but they all suffer for those that are.

We also got to see a Great Blue Heron (click double arrows to the right to see more heron photos) before leaving the last park. That was very special. They are just awesome birds and I had a good view behind bushes so he didn't fly off before I could take a bunch of photos. View all photos of our Leesburg day trip.

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