Saturday, October 28, 2006

Screech Owls

We were up very early one warm morning a couple of weeks ago, so I had the door to the screened porch open in our bedroom as I got ready for the day. I heard this odd sound in the woods that I'd never heard before and it drew me outside to get a closer listen. I thought it might be a cat, but our Squeek, who was sitting out there, showed no interest at all.

I tuned in a bit more and thought about it and it just "felt like" it was an owl. It was like a short call with a whinny on the end of it. I called Randal out to listen to see what he thought and he said it sounded like a tropical bird that a neighbor might have. I guess it was too early in the morning for his "birding" brain to get into gear, so I headed for the computer.

What a blessing the internet can be in such times as these. I entered "owl +whinny" and came up with a description and sound bite of what I was hearing. It was indeed an owl. An Eastern Screech Owl. I was so excited to hear a new sound in the woods. Listen to the sound or get detailed information on this owl.

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