Tuesday, October 17, 2006

All Of Them

by Donna L. Watkins

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"And great multitudes followed Him and He healed them all." Matthew 12:15

How many times do we read that Jesus healed them all, everybody, every person? Nobody was excluded. There is a lot written by different apostles about the time they spent with Jesus. Nobody recorded that some people did not qualify for healing. It always says Jesus healed them all.

Why then do we believe anybody that tells us that it may be God's will for us to be sick and unhealthy? Some become martyrs thinking they are suffering for Christ in their health problems. What are they suffering for? How does suffering glorify Christ if the purpose for why you were created and born is not being fulfilled?

Would you believe that God made you to be sick? Can you believe that would be the design of a good God? The intent of a perfect Father? How many of you have children? Would you put a disease or illness on any of them so they could learn more about your love? Of course not.

Jesus said that He did nothing of himself but only His Father's will in John 8:28. If it was God's will for Jesus to heal everybody, would it not still be His will? Do you think Jesus came only to heal those who were "lucky" enough to live when He had His ministry on the earth? He came to die on the Cross for our sins and our healing. By His stripes we were healed. Healed!

Why can't we read that and be healed? Because we don't believe it. Jesus also said to many people, "Only believe." It seems to be a prerequisite for healing. Only believe that He can ... that He has!

The devil doesn't want you well so stop listening to his lies. Yes, God will use your illness for good if you love Him. It's a promise of Romans 8:28, but it's not and never was His will for your life to be ill. His desire for your life was for healing. That's why He sent His son to earth. Healing was as much a part of Jesus' ministry to us as was His preaching and teaching. He never turned anybody away and He has not turned you away.

If you've been reading my writings for very long you know that I believe that what we believe determines what we receive in life. It's what we attract. Even Job said, "what I feared the most has come upon me." Fear attracts evil, faith attracts good. We can't speak with our mouths the words from Scripture while our mind is telling us we believe something different.

We must truly meditate on the Words of God and chew them and absorb them like nutrients from good food until our minds are changed and renewed as our body would be from a good meal. This is the food I crave and seek daily as I search for the "down to the very core" belief that will make me whole in every way.

Smith Wigglesworth says, "God has a realm of divine life opening up to us where there are boundless possibilities, limitless power, and untold resources."

He also says that, "The purpose of all Scripture is to move us to this wonderful and blessed elevation of faith where our constant experience is the manifestation of God's life and power through us."

Abraham reached the place where he became a "friend of God" because he "believed God" (James 2:23).

Father, guide me to the Scripture you want me to consume. Show me what I am to eat, and meditate on, and digest until it renews my mind as Your Word promises it will do. Thank you for making healing available to all and for loving me in the midst of all the pain and heartaches of life. Guide and direct and remind me to choose to stay at your table for a steady diet of Your Word. As I renew my mind by choosing to believe Your Word, rather than my own thoughts and what the world and doctors say, I will deepen my relationship with You and become more like Christ. Thank you for your plan of redemption, salvation and healing. Amen.

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