Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Yesterday provided some excitement. I was at my desk in the kitchen by the window when all the birds from the feeder flew towards the house to the safety of the bushes. At the same time I saw a large bird land on the corner of the deck at the edge of the roof only 13 feet away. It was a hawk! I grabbed the camera nearby and he stayed for about 4 minutes looking all around for a birdie lunch, but thankfully he didn't get one in my view.

I think raptors are awesome birds but I don't like to think of my songbirds becoming a meal for one. I know they have a purpose and the birds that are caught are generally weak or old so he's probably a blessing to keep them from later suffering. I like to think so ... and besides I believe birds go to Heaven, so it can't be all bad. One day hawks won't be eating birds. The entire kingdom will be peaceful without fear. View photos of Juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk.

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