Saturday, October 14, 2006

Migrating Birds Visit Bluebird Cove

I'm still seeing hummingbirds here in Central Virginia and we still have Monarchs coming through. Yesterday I was working while sitting on the ground and a female Ruby-throated fed right by me. I could feel the wind from her wings. She was busy storing up energy to continue her long trip down to Mexico or Central America.

I always have my camera nearby. This is a photo from her visit.

Migration is an incredible thing! I've had a personal first sighting of a Black-throated Blue Warbler here at Bluebird Cove. He was such a joy to watch as he scampered around the petunia pots on the deck rail. He was eating bugs from the underside of the leaves. View the Black-throated Blue Warbler photos. Click the double arrows to go from one photo to the next.

There have been a couple of Pine Warblers visiting the Pyracantha bushes eating cottony scale. They have this beautiful white eye ring and they have not minded being only a couple feet away from me.

It's so exciting to see how nature balances itself out. I was concerned our Pyracantha berries would be affected by the cottony scale and the birds would suffer. Instead the birds are eating the cottony scale .... so we just provided yet another type of food preference by letting nature handle the scale.

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